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Rock Band - A monkey with a keyboard
Rock Band
I've never had the desire to get any of the Guitar Hero games. I understand the allure, just wasn't my cup of tea. I felt the same way about Rock Band. I'm not sure what the disconnect was, I mean I spend hours killing orcs or humans on Warcraft, sending minions out to do by bidding in Overlord and I like music. So what's the problem? In retrospect I think it was the guitar thing, I never wanted to play the guitar so getting a game where I could pretend to play the guitar just wasn't appealing. I lumped Rock Band into that mindset as well.

So what happened yesterday was that my girl and I had time to kill near a Best Buy. This is never a good thing for my wallet. We walked in and she saw the TV displays near the entrance. So I did my standard "We really don't need a new TV and we should really spend our money on the wedding." Well it's true, we don't need one and we should keep saving for the wedding.

We walked around a bit and I looked around the Apple section for a iPhone headphone extension so I could use my phone to play music in my girls car. A helpful Best Buy sales guy asked if we needed help and after a bit of explanation he trotted off to see if he could find what I needed. This is where it all went south. Oh boy. I steered us toward the game section, never a good sign. Mr. Helpful BB Sales Guy found us and gave me a pretty good adapter. This is the good part. Of course my girl found the Rock Band display.

Side note here, this was a pretty craptacular display. The drum set was broken, the left drum was hanging by it's wires, the wire on one of the drumsticks was wrapped around the stand and one of the guitars was unplugged. This is not something that will sell a game by looks. So I helped her get it started and held the broken drum so she could play a bit. She wanted to try out the guitar so we got that working and I tried out the drums.

Hmm. I probably shouldn't have done that. Broken drum and all I had a blast. Five minutes pounding away at a run down, worn out display game brought me back to my teen years where I would hog the Apple IIe at the game store to play Tetris. But we had to leave. We also had to walk past the tower, I really do mean tower, of Rock Band game boxes.

Now I would like to blame my girl for us buying it. I really would, but that would be a complete lie and send me to hell forever. What happened was that she said "Why don't we buy it?" I, after thinking on my TV line above, was trying to figure out how I could say "FUCK YEAH!" and not be a complete hypocrite. Then, as is her wont, she saved my bacon. Since she had just got a gift card from work as a bonus she offered to use it. This gift card would pay for the whole thing.

I'm only human. I caved. No that isn't true, I dove into the pit of hypocrisy willingly and rolled around in the muck like a satisfied pig. I don't regret it a bit. We played yesterday afternoon and had friends over this evening to play. Fun was had and, even though I failed badly in front of people, I had a smile on my face the whole time.

I will probably never be a drummer, but god damn can I pretend. Rock Band has the appeal beyond the guitar, to the singer or drummer to be. The bonus? It really is like Tetris on drums for me. Maybe one day I might really get a drum kit and rock out.

Um do drum kits have an Easy Mode? Cuz Medium kicks my ass.

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egbert From: egbert Date: April 15th, 2008 11:24 pm (UTC) (Link)
I don't even have a game console of any variety any more. Haven't for years. Sad.

Although I do have a shiny new TV that would make your balls pucker with envy. =:D
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