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Dear Mr. Ebert - A monkey with a keyboard
Dear Mr. Ebert
Dear Mr. Ebert,

I've read your reviews and watched "At the Movies" for decades. While I don't always agree with you I find that I can always respect your opinion. Which is why I found your review of "Kick Ass" distressing. It was both perfunctory and condescending. Your review boils down to blood, violence, guns on the wall and a child killing people before getting brutalized.

Maybe you watched a different movie than I did. Perhaps the film cut out at key points. Here is what I took out of it. Oh I did not read the comics or even know about the movie until two weeks ago.

This movie is about Mindy. It's about vigilante justice. It's about the lengths people will go to for revenge, even if it rips the childhood away from their daughter. The lengths a child will go to for approval of their parents. It's about the consequences of choices and actions. But apparently that isn't a world you are interested in.

My biggest issue with your review is when you stated "This isn't comic violence. These men, and many others in the film, are really stone-cold dead." So if it wasn't a movie based on a comic those deaths would just be peachy keen? And your next couple of sentences "And the 11-year-old apparently experiences no emotions about this. Many children that age would be, I dunno, affected somehow, don't you think, after killing eight or 12 men who were trying to kill her?" Did you ever consider that maybe that was the point? A child raised and conditioned to be a killing machine would not care about the death. The movie pretty much shows that just might be a bit messed up.

You have every right to dislike the movie. My only wish is that your review didn't rely on canards.

Best Wishes,

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