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Snap - A monkey with a keyboard
I gave Russell T. Davies a pass on the first season of Torchwood when I heard "The face of Bo they called me." So I actually watched the second season of Torchwood. Wow was that a good decision. The cynical part of me wonders if it was my lowered expectation that caused me to think that this season was good. But I don't think that can account for it all. The writing and the overall character arcs just put the first season to shame and were actually worthy of being called good. Oh there were things that made me shake my head but I'm actually looking forward to season three rather than dreading it.

There is one thing though...

Owen and Tosh? Owen and bloody Tosh? The two characters that I came to actually respect this season? Owen I kind of expected, I mean being dead an all, what could happen to him but deteriorate over time. But Toshiko? Holy crap, I really didn't expect a "spike through Wash" thing. I will give the writers credit though, they died with integrity.

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