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The Yesterday of Tomorrows Two Days Ago... Or Something - A monkey with a keyboard
The Yesterday of Tomorrows Two Days Ago... Or Something
There are a couple, well several things I want to say right now. But let us talk about yesterday. Not yesterday as in "the ages of yore" but yesterday as in Sunday. That yesterday.

I woke up about six in the morning. It would be nice to say I sprang from bed but it was more of grunt, slouch, shuffle out of bed. Then I went and did some things in the bathroom that I'm fairly sure most of you don't really want me to describe. The one that does, well just kiss off. I charge for that kind of information. Pervert.

A quick drive to Manhattan Beach, a nice breakfast, a walk on the pier and then another quick drive back home. Only one of those last statements is truly accurate. Electric Company, you have scarred me for life, "Which one of these things doesn't belong here..." Welcome to the hell that is my life.

Anyway getting back on track I watched a movie yesterday. Yes THAT yesterday. "Live Free or Die Hard." Very funny, Justin Long completely sold his character. Oh and my girl and I paused just because of the social commentary, the inanity and occasionally because we were laughing so much. Good, fun view that only lost me with the plane. Oh and don't watch the theatrical release. The unrated one is better. Why? One word. Fuck. Let me repeat that...






Seriously how can John Mclane not say fuck? Oh I get the can make more money from a PG-13 rating but, and I'm being very serious here, what the fuck?

Next movie of the yesterday was "Strictly Ballroom." Now I love "Moulin Rouge" and have heard of the Red Curtain films, but somehow I always stayed away from this one. You know, chick flick stuff. But damn if that movie didn't grab me right away, and if you can get more than five minutes into it and not get the title then you are just dead to me. Dead I say. Still have to see R+J but I'll get there.

Now, as anyone that knows me understands, I like to dance. No really I'm serious here. Stop laughing back there or I just might have to pop you one. I don't have any illusions about my skills, or lack there of, but I enjoy it and love watching skilled dancers. I'm not a big fan of reality TV but I have to thank my girl for letting (ok making) me see Benji Schiwmmer and Heidi Groskreutz doing the, well, the most awesome and jaw dropping swing dance I have ever seen. I will probably never see the like of that again.

So yes, I do want to dance in the Pan-Pacific Grand Prix with my girl even if we do "novel steps." Hell I'll even wear the dress. I haven't even heard of the Paso Doble before yesterday but god damn do I want to dance it at our wedding reception.

The last movie of the yesterday that was the day before is "The Full Monty." This is one I've been meaning to see for a while. Good reviews, everyone liked it, just never actually pulled the trigger on it. All I have to say is my loss.

Ok I lied I have more to say so just suck it up and keep reading.

There is just so something raw about a man that has lost everything. His drive to support his family, his wife, his dog and cat. When he can't even buy nosh for the gerbile in the cage he feels like the ulitmate failure. This movie is not about that. Ok well it is. Only it isn't just sophomoric pretentious angst, it just people. Doing what people do to live, survive and...

Well ok crap. I swore I wouldn't do this... I wouldn't... but damn can't fight the sophomoric agnst... dragging me in... must... gasp... my... last... breath.

Ok where was I? Right people. Well guys in this case, mostly, but there are some moments (my girl had to point most of them out) that truly show why men and women put up with each other. Even, dare I say, love each other. Oh and there is dancing and a really good soundtrack.

Actually it was kinda weird. I came out of watching it loving women more. Oh yes their snide smiles, the shocked looks, the disparaging glances (you will know what scene I'm talking about if you have watched it) might be a put off. But as a member of the audience, oh and a guy, I just thought it was bloody cute. If I can make my girl laugh by shaking my ass or twirling my tackle about and being silly well then hell yeah I'm going there. But the thing that really got me, was their expressions. I don't know if they were random women brought off the street or experienced actors. Either way just brilliant.

So yeah. Yesterday was a pretty good day.

P.S. No they don't keep their hats on.

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egbert From: egbert Date: January 8th, 2008 01:32 am (UTC) (Link)
twirling my tackle about...

There's an image that will haunt and horrify me for the rest of my natural life. And probably a good two years or so after death as well.
phuul From: phuul Date: January 8th, 2008 07:09 am (UTC) (Link)
Ah my work here is done.
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